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2020-2021 School Year Calendar Approved with Days Added to Offset Possible PSPS School Closures
Posted 1/22/20

The 2020-2021 Student Calendar has three additional days added to this school year allowing for possible PSPS/fires school closures: April 5, April 30, May 28. If there are no school closures due to PG&E PSPS shut offs or fires, then additional days will become breaks during the second semester. By January 11, 2021, the district will confirm and communicate the status of these days with staff and families. View 2020-21 Calendar

The end of the school year remains fixed, no matter what, in order to facilitate a stable calendar for end-of-year activities including promotions, graduations, grad night, finals, etc.

 A committee of mixed stakeholders including teachers, staff and parents, will convene at the beginning of next school year to redesign the calendar for 2021-22 and beyond. We invite anyone interested to volunteer to this committee to apply using this form.



Q: Has there been any thought to returning to a traditional two week winter break? 
A: NVUSD adopted a three-week winter break many years ago which was a welcome lengthy break for many families and faculty. That said, we recognize that there are both pros and cons to continuing this schedule. We are looking forward to seeking input from a broader section of our community, including parents, via a new committee where we will re-examine our schedule. If you are interested in volunteering on this committee, please click here to apply.

Q: Did you consider using the two faculty/staff Professional Development days as possible emergency replacement days? 
A: While it is one option, we felt strongly that consistent professional development across all school sites is a critical component to give our teachers and support staff the opportunity to enhance their skills and professional growth. District Professional Development days are a key initiative in our strategic plan and an investment priority which has a direct benefit to our students.

Q: Are the extra three days reserved solely for PSPS or can they be used for other school closure situations, such as air quality issues or smoke days?
A: The current direction from the CDE is specific to PSPS days only; however addressing the probable PSPS cancellations with extra built-in days means we are still eligible for waivers in case of unanticipated cancellations due to air quality, smoke, or other unforeseen disasters.

Q: What happens on those selected three days if we do not experience school closures due to PSPS or other reasons?
A: If we are fortunate, and no PSPS cancellations occur next year then the April 5, April 30 and May 28, 2021 days (designated red on the calendar) will be days off school for students and teachers. It also ensures that the last day of the school year remains fixed in order to accommodate the many end-of-year activities that require substantial planning.